Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Microsoft Phasing Out Old Technology That People Still Use

Microsoft is getting ready to do away with some old software yet again. The only problem is that pretty much everyone is still using it. Now, if companies don't upgrade, they will be left defenseless against hackers... And we all remember what happened last time.

Even though most businesses still use Microsoft Windows Server 2003 the company is still ending support for this software on July 14th of this year. No more patches are going to come out for it after that. This is pretty terrible considering most of the computers that process everything at all of those websites you shop at are using the software. Not just that, but apparently 21% of all servers everywhere are running Windows Server 2003, and 97% of data centers still use it as well. That is a staggering number! Unless all of those companies upgrade immediately, there are probably going to be some serious issues popping up this summer.

Even if the companies do decide to upgrade, for some reason it apparently takes 200 days to upgrade. I'm not a computer genius or a rocket scientist, but that seems pretty extreme. This means there is going to be a gap of at least a couple of months where servers will be prone to hacking threats. This is exactly how hospitals lost 4.5 million patent records last year. Not only that, but we all remember when they dropped support for Windows XP and a ton of ATM machines were exposed to attacks. It was so bad that the Chinese government banned Windows 8 from all government computers.

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Now, if you own a company and don't plan on upgrading... You CAN pay for custom support. The only catch is that it will cost you a quarter of a million dollars per year. Doesn't seem like such a good idea. It seems like they are really pushing people hard to upgrade here. If you haven't yet, it is certainly something to think about. Quickly.

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