Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is VMware?

VMwareVMware is one of the best virtualization software solutions on the market. VMware software is able to split up a server into multiple portions making essential mulitple computers. These virtual computers that VMware makes are then accesible by guest operating systems. With multiple guest being able to access a single server via virtualization an IT administrator is able cut down on cost by needed less hardware.

VMware is also compatible with almost every guest operating system including: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 200 NT, Me, 98, 95, MS-DOS 6.22 or better, IBM OS/2 Warp, Mac OSX Server, Linux, Sun Java Desktop, SCO OpenServer, SCO UNIXWARE, Free BSD, Netware Server, Solaris 10 x86. That pretty much covers every OS out there.

VMware also comes with a great number of features inluding:
  • Virtual State Capture: Capture the state of your virtual machine so if a problem arises you can roll back to a previous state
  • Large guest operating system support: Nearly all versions of windows and linux are supported
  • Simple Installation: VMware installs like a standard application so no hassle
  • Web management interface: You can manage your VMware installation via web browser
  • Supports two-processor SMP: Allows your virtual machine to take advantage of multi-processing.
  • Easy migration path to other VMware products: All VMware products are made so that upgrading is hassle free.

The biggest downside of VMware is that there are other solutions out their such as VirtualBox, KVM and Xen that are free. The benefits of VMware though are much greater than from these other free solutions. VMware is much easier to use and comes with so many advanced features that spending the extra bucks on VMware is completely worth it.

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