Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The New VMware Log Insight Update Allows For More Visibility On Servers

When you're dealing with businesses and corporations, it's best to have servers that have really good server administrators. You have to think that all of that data needs to be taken care some how right? Data at times can seem like a very fickle thing, but at the end of the day, all of the data that gets collected from a particular business for the purpose of analysis has to be stored on something secure, i.e. the company's servers. As with most large corporations however, the servers are like their virtual safes, and the people accessing those safes are constantly monitored for the safety of the company. Every log on the company's server is collected for safety and analytical purposes. Since, again, most companies tend to use virtual servers, it can be hard for the server administrators to just pop in and poke around. Thankfully there's been a bit of a remedy to this situation.

VMware released something that helped with virtual visualization in June of 2013. Many a server administrator was thankful for the help in seeing all of the logs for a company. Now, the software will be updated to a much faster version of itself.

The VMware's Log Insight 2.0 will be upwards of 30 percent faster than the 1.0 version. Of course, that doesn't really mean anything if you aren't sure what I'm talking about. This new version of the Log Insight will be able to take in and analyze log data at a much, much faster rate than before. When you have a large company with a plethora of logs to sort through, the added 30 percent speed increase is going to help immensely. The speed boost isn't all that comes with this update either. The new update also comes with some new technologies that are being used to help making grouping specific issues together less difficult and at a faster pace.

When we receive data, its not always the easiest to take in. It can be confusing, and should the date be corrupt, then you have a whole other monster on your hands to deal with. The Log Insight 2.0 is going to help by putting all of that data in an easy to understand format with the use of updated tables and charts.

Now not only will the Log Insight 2.0 come with all of that, but Windows servers won't be left out anymore either. There is a Windows agent included with the new update that will make it less difficult to gather up log and file info from Windows servers. The agent itself is but a mere .msi file, so that should be comforting to hear for all of you server workers out there. Adding Windows to the new update will definitely help the company in the long run as well. Before, customers would have to go through a third party program in order to view their Windows logs. Now, the update cuts out the middleman entirely and allows for full log visibility support that both VMware and Microsoft can be happy about and push.

Data is just as valuable to company's as it is to company's customers. All of that data can be hard to sift through, and administrators can only do so much with virtual servers. This update is definitely a welcome help, and hopefully there will be more to come.

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