Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HP's Partnership With Foxconn Will Be Granting Us With Cloud Servers!

There's something to be said about businesses that join forces. It's almost like watching two super heroes join forces and become even more powerful. In that same way, this is exactly what it's like when two large firms join together to benefit both companies and provide products and services that both wouldn't be able to offer by themselves. Two such companies have come together to offer it's customers something that all 3 parties can benefit from. Everyone knows HP as a very well rounded computer and tech company. They've clearly made a name for themselves as they've been around for quite some time. Then you have Foxconn. The company that has been around for 40 years and has manufactured basically all of the electronics that we know and love. These two companies joining forces to provide us with cloud based servers is quite the big deal.

So what is the exact plan for these two super companies? As it stands right now, this partnership plans to provide new servers that have improved support and service, as well as being cheaper to own over all. These new servers are also being designed with cloud based functions and storage in mind. Should you already be using a pre-existing HP server already, know that these servers will also work in tandem with the your old servers. They will actually complement every server in the HP line currently. And yes, that even means the Moonshot servers as well.

Some of us may not know what cloud servers are exactly. Naturally, when you think of a server, you think of that big thing that makes noise and has a bunch of green lights in the company's basement. They are normally pretty large. Cloud servers are a bit different than these however. While most, if not every server you've come in contact with, is made up of hardware and software, cloud servers are just software. They are sometimes referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers. While some VDS's can be linked up to a single hardware unit, this also puts them at risk of failure should the hardware malfunction in some way. A cloud server is different from this and benefits, since it's just running and operating based solely off of its software. It doesn't need to be tethered to server hardware in order for it to operate. Naturally, you can see where all of the benefits of having this could come into play.

President and CEO of HP, one Meg Whitman, understands that businesses and customers are rapidly moving towards the future. It's safe to say that we could see cloud based everything in the future. Cloud servers is just the next natural step. Many of these customers and businesses are adapting to these different styles of IT support and services. They need something that can work at high-volume work loads, and the normal servers these days may not be up to the task.

Since Foxconn already manufactures just about everything tech related that we use today, it would only make sense for them to work with HP to develop these new servers. Their reputation precedes them, and there is money to be made for both companies at this point.

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There has not been any pricing or product details released as of yet, but as time moves on, more information will be released.