Monday, May 30, 2011

Asia-Pacific Server Market Experiences Growth

serversThe first quarter of 2011 saw strong growth in the Asia-Pacific server market. Shipments rose 21% compared to the first quarter of 2010, just one year ago. In addition to that, server revenue increased 29% year-over-year.

The Australian market also experienced growth, however, the market growth was modest. Server revenue in the Australian market increased by 10% this quarter despite shipments falling 5% compared to last year's first quarter.

According to Erica Gadjuli, Gartner Principal Research Analyst, "Enterprise spending on server consolidation using virtualization technology continued to be a key driving factor for server market growth in this region." x86-based server sales also grew 21% in shipments as well as 31% in revenue.

IT investments in key verticals like financial services and the public sector led to year-on-year revenue growth in mainframe and RISC/Itanium Unix servers. Mainframe and RISC/Itanium Unix servers grew 137% and 15.3% respectively during the first quarter.

Blade Servers, which include x86 and non-x86 based, did better than the rest of the market by growing 38% by shipments and 68% in revenue year-over-year compared to other servers like rack mounted, rack optimized, tower and standalone.

The leader in the server market for the first quarter was HP with shipments with a 30% share overall in Asia-Pacific. IBM held the leadership position in revenue, accounting for 41% of the entire market.

Dell was second in shipments with 21.8%, followed by IBM with a 20% market share. Lenovo trailed in fourth with 5.1% with Huawei topping off the top five with 3.7%. All of these vendors in the Asia-Pacific region had their own moments of success during the first quarter of 2011 in both shipments and revenue, experiencing double digit growth year-over-year.

Source: ARN - Asia-Pacific server market on the rise

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mon.itor.Us Introduces Free Server Monitoring as a Service

MonitisMon.itor.Us has recently announced that it has become the only cloud-based systems monitoring solution of internal servers for organizations at no cost. Mon.itor.Us is the free monitoring section of Monitis, Incorporated and has launched no-cost internal server and network monitoring as one of its services.

Mon.itor.Us has offered users, which consists of entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations, free external website monitoring since 2005.

According to Founder and CEO of Monitis Hovhannes Avoyan, "The growing popularity of Mon.itor.Us proves there is a high level of demand among the world's companies for free cloud-based website monitoring to easily and accurately check their web servers' uptime and end-user experience, as well as to ensure that all runs smoothly. Our outstanding growth in transactions and users shows that today's enterprises (small or large) want it all - reliable on-demand monitoring tools that are hassle-free to set up and use and are thus more cost-efficient than even free monitoring software."

Mon.itor.Us has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and extended its free monitoring as a service offering to include systems and network performance monitoring. Mon.itor.Us has significantly enhanced the monitoring services it provides by offering free 24/7 monitoring of internal servers' CPUs, memory, system processes and hard disk space as well as corporate Intranet applications through on-demand, hosted monitoring. This frees up system administrators from worries about poor performance on their IT infrastructure.

"Now consider hosted server monitoring," Avoyan noted. "Having a single small-footprint agent within the firewall and using HTTP(s) protocol for communication eliminates the need for system administrators to alter their firewall just so monitoring software can work properly. We enforce the best monitoring architecture at no dollar and time cost, and the whole setup may take just minutes with hosted monitoring solutions."

The main benefit to hosted monitoring is the fact that it frees up system administrators from long setups, configurations and continual maintenance on software-based monitoring systems. The benefits are pretty easy to spot, Avoyan added, "We are the first and only cloud-based monitoring solution to offer free all-in-one server monitoring."

Source: The Open Press - Mon.itor.Us Introduces World's First Free Server Monitoring as a Service (Monitis)

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