Monday, December 12, 2011

Battlefield 3's PC Server Browser Gets Updated

Battlefield 3 PC Server Browser
One thing that PC gaming has always had over console gaming (at least in terms of multiplayer) was the ability to buy your on server to host your favorite games online. In addition to that, you also had the ability to join any server you could find, dramatically increasing the chances of you finding a game. Battlefield 3 brought a little of this functionality to consoles upon its release, though the PC still does it better in my opinion. However, it appears as if PC gamers will have even more to brag about as DICE has made a plethora of "super charged" improvements to the Server Browser for the PC version of Battlefield 3.

The full list of all the changes is as follows:

Filter by Country - This allows you to search for servers by country (obviously). This is highly useful for any gamer looking to play with gamers from all corners of the earth or want to play on the server of your favorite country.

Server Queuing - This is sure to make a lot of gamers happy. Server queuing allows you to be added to a waiting queue if the server you want to play on is full. This is good if you are trying to play a specific map, game mode or with specific players.

New Navigation Icons - New quick links are available that take you directly to some of the more popular areas of Battlelog as well as easy access to things like stats and dog tags.

Easier Server Joining for Parties - The whole process of joining a server with a party of friends has been improved. The update allows everybody in your party to connect to the server asynchronously, without having to wait for your team to ready up.

Battle Report Sharing - You now have the ability to share your favorite battle reports on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, letting all your friends know just how much of a boss you really are (or aren't) at the game.

Improved Server Browser - The server browser has now been equipped with more search options like Kill Cam, Friendly Fire and 3D Spotting. This is sure to make finding specific things in a game much faster and easier.

That's the run-down of all the new features in DICE's update to the Battlefield 3 PC Server Browser system. Hopefully this helps make finding games, servers and parties a lot simpler. Battlefield 3 fans should also keep an eye out for the game's first set of DLC, "Back to Karkand", set to drop on December 13th. Owners of the Limited Edition game will already have free access to the DLC with everybody else having to pay for it.

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