Saturday, August 6, 2011

Raytheon Unveils Interoperable Server System

RaytheonRaytheon has just developed a new server-based system that links 4G LTE and P25 systems over the same network. When this happens, it ensures that public safety officials will be able to stay connected when they need to the most. It would allow firefighters using a legacy FM handheld, EMS with a P25 radio or a police officer with an LTE-linked mobile data computer in his squad car to stay connected, no matter what.

The new server from Raytheon is suitable for a wide variety of interoperability applications and is also scalable, making it usable in small towns or big cities, whichever is needed. The system uses gateways, like Raytheon's newly released ACU-5000, for local interoperability. It also uses these gateways to convert non-IP communications, like the ones from radios, telephones and the like, for transfer to the server. IP-based communications are brought directly to the server.

According to Director of Civil Communications Solutions for Raytheon's Network Centric Systems Business Bill Iannacci, "Interoperability in a large-scale disaster is critical. Raytheon's interoperable server solution promotes customer choice, as it integrates the existing equipment of each city and has built-in abilities to support next-generation communications technology. This allows municipalities to upgrade hardware, from their preferred vendors, as budgets allow."

Raytehon's Audio Connect Unit (ACU) technology initiated the radio interoperability gateway concept in the late 1990's and the newer server system assists its users by incorporating all the lessons learned since then. The understanding that during a disaster or other type of incident that requires inter-agency interoperability, most of the links will be local was one of the most prominent lessons learned. This new system maintains this local interoperability, as well as the means to control it, even if infrastructure failure breaks the network link to the server.

Source: PR Newswire - Raytheon Debuts an Interoperable Server System With Digital and Analog Interfaces for Legacy FM Radio, P25 and 4G LTE

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