Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Hat Linux Offered on a Per-Server Basis by IBM on Power Systems

IBMIBM, along with Red Hat, a commercial distributor of Linux, have teamed up to provide Enterprise Linux 6 on IBM's Power Systems that are sold by Big Blue along with first level and second level support provided by Big Blue. Obviously, that isn't very new news.IBM has been a huge OEM partner with Red Hat for years now. What is new is that in an announcement letter, IBM and Red Hat have revealed a per-server license price for Power Systems machines running RHEL 6 which started up back in November. With RHEL 6 out but not certified on the new Power iron, IBM began giving away a free RHEL license on Power Systems Express configurations. IBM has now worked with Red Hat in order to tune up RHEL 6 for Power6, Power6+ and Power7 servers. This includes integration with IBM's PowerVM hypervisor for Power iron. The new licensing for RHEL 6, which became available on April 15th, allows for every pair of sockets in the box to be licensed with 15, 30 or 60 logical partition ceilings per socket pair. A standard 12x5 business hour support contract for RHEL 6 for a socket pair on a Power Systems box costs $1,350 per year for a setup with a 15-LPAR ceiling. Now if you want to increase that to a priority 24x7 support, then your price will increase to $2,150 per year. Doubling up the LPAR ceiling to 30 on a four-socket Power System doubles your support costs and if you quadruple it up to a 60-LPAR ceiling on an eight-socket machine, you quadruple your prices to $5,400 and $8,600 for a 12x5 or a 24x7 coverage. IBM, just like Red Hat, does give discounts to customers who purchase a three-year contract. IBM did, however, stop selling the earlier RHEL 5.5 on April 12. Source: IT Jungle - IBM Offers Red Hat Linux on a Per-Server Basis on Power

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