Friday, March 18, 2011

Facebook Combines Microserver Technology with Server Virtualization

FacebookHere's something interesting for you. Facebook is using a hybrid server virtualization as well as Intel's microserver technology in order to make the continued expansion of the social networking god more cost effective.

According to the Research Lab Director of Facebook Gio Coglitore, "The firm has already been trailing in new microserver technology and is interested in leveraging the benefits of the solution in its substantial data centers."

One of the keys to the popularity of the single-processor server hardware is the fact that it can be packed more densely which offers more processing power per square inch than traditional server solutions.

"We found in our testing that a realized environment brings efficiencies and the ability to scale more effectively," Coglitore said. "If virtualization was the right approach, we would be a virtualized environment."

Coglitore concluded that virtualization was, indeed, an excellent solution but can become very difficult to manage at a very large scale. Intel introduced their microserver technology back in 2009 where it received high praise from fans and users. The technology has also landed some big clients since then including Dell, Seamicro and Tyan.

Source: onestopclick - Facebook mixes server virtualization with microserver technologies
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